Linking Generations: A Forum Theatre Project

A Forum Theatre Project – Addressing anti-social behaviours & Conflict resolution.
Project Description, Background and Purpose
The Forum Theatre project is aimed at investigating, creating awareness and conversation about the increasing gap between elderly parents and young people within refugee and migrant communities. The project will be delivered in four stages (consultations, script development, rehearsal & production/performance) that aim to educate and identify solutions generated through participatory workshops, an interactive Forum Theatre performance piece and debriefing workshops with audience at the end of each performance.

The workshops are used as an investigative tool rather to gather information, data collection and live experience from participants of refugee and migrant backgrounds. The information will be gathered using Drama games and activities that aim to engage the participants and offer them a safe space to share their stories.

The Creative development stage is where the performance piece is created. Using the stories and experiences from young people and community members, an ensemble of actors will be selected to present scenarios at the Forum Theatre Performance. Participants from the workshops will be taken on as advisors to inform the director during this stage.

Event Location:

Gateway/ACCESS for workshops, Backbone Youth Arts for Rehearsal and performance at BEMAC.

Objectives and Deliverables

To help define cultural principles, increase awareness and harmonise differences of the new culture between the young and their parents/guardians

  • To recognise and articulate traditional African cultures, and Australian values
  • To appreciate and acknowledge African norms and standards
  • Foster communal living and connectedness
  • To employ young people and the elders to engage in performance
  • To allow participants express their views and experience

Project Benefits

  • Bring about family bond and address intergenerational issues that may result in family breakup (Avoid kids leaving their homes, reduce family tensions, domestic violence and suicide prevention)
  • Create dialogue and open communication leading to conflict resolution through fostering better approaches of discussion between parents and children and creating understanding and honesty.
  • Being creative and innovative using drama / theatre and teaching skills in acting. This will assist in shifting from traditional methods to modern ways of resolving issues

Project Progress

  • 6 separate and collective consultative workshops bringing the different generations together have successfully taken place, resulting in tabling the issues of concerns among this generations for discussion.
  • Potential actors and actresses to play the different rolls of mothers, fathers and young men and women have been identified.
  • The script writing is on going and a rehearsal program has been set and agreed upon by Global Sanctuary and one of its Partners Backbone Youth Arts who hosts the rehearsals in its venue.
  • Flyers bearing the theme of the play and the rehearsals dates has been produced with the help of BEMAC and circulated.
  • Funding of the first two stages has successfully been approved by our sponsor (Connected Communities Branch) Brisbane City Council.

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